This feature is only available for upgraded members. Upgrade through the "Your Membership" link when you login to the My Community Directory dashboard. 

Favourites lists are a great way to save and share certain listings or searches. 

There are three types of Favourites Lists. 

  • Personal Favourites: seen only by you 
  • Team Favourites: shared with your team at your location
  • Organisation Favourites: shared with anyone in your organisation 

When creating Favourites Lists, it's important that you save them into clear and concise lists to keep them organised, and more useful for your team. This also helps your team when adding to the existing favourites lists. 

How to create a Favourites list

On any listing within a search results page and on an individual listing page itself, there is an Add to favourites button. Clicking this will:

  1. Open an Add To Favourites dialogue that will first ask you if you would like to share this favourite with others, offering three options:
    • This favourite is only viewable by you (Personal Favourites) 
    • Share this favourite with your team (Team Favourites)
    • Share this favourite with your entire organisation (Organisation Favourites)

2. Once again you can Choose a Favourites List or Create a New One.

3. Depending on your choice in Step 1 it will now appear in the respective column of your Favourites and be viewable and editable by others in your Team or Organisation respectively.

How to save searches as a Favourites list 

If you find yourself searching for the same topic more than once, you can easily save a search as a Favourites list for a one-click recall next time.

    Steps to Save a Search:

  1. On any regular search results page, you will see a button on the top labelled Save this Search.

  1. Clicking this button will prompt you to Choose a Favourites List (previously saved Favourites appear in the drop-down selection) or Create a New One (by typing in a new title).

Where to find your Favourites lists

Favourites lists can be found in two ways. 

1. Click the "Favourites" link at the top of the screen when you are logged in to My Community Directory. 

2. Visit "Your Favourites" through the Members Centre Dashboard. 

Important Facts:

  • If you Choose a Favourites List that already exists, it will replace the search results of that list. This can be useful if you want to update with new criteria, for example, a larger search area or including new listings since the last save.
  • If you Create a New One it will appear in your Personal Favourites identified by a Search icon next to the title.
  • Saved Searches can be Sent by email or texts, but they can only be created as a Personal Favourites list. 

Removing a listing from a List and Deleting Lists 

It's just as easy to remove a listing from a pre-existing list or delete a list entirely (this can not be undone).

Remove listing:

  1. Navigate and click on the List from your Favourites first.

        2. Under the listing is a Remove button, this will only remove the listing from your List, not delete the listing.

Delete an entire List:

  1. Navigate and click on the List from your Favourites first.

2. Click the Delete button at the top right of the list results.

3. You will be asked to confirm if you would like to remove this list from your Favourites (and everyone else's if it's Shared).

Sharing Favourites Lists

Some Favourites lists are just too good to keep all to yourself!

Any Directory listing or Favourites (Saved Searches, Favourite Lists – personal or shared) can be sent to anyone in the world as a one-off action. There are a variety of ways to do this and all them are available from the top-right buttons of any Listing or Favourites List.

The beauty of any method you choose to share a Link is that it will take your recipient back to the live website results page (whether they have a log in or not) and it will always have the most up to date information.

Some methods allow you the option to share a PDF, an optimal choice if the recipient may not have consistent access to the Internet. The downside being that they're a static view in time' however, they will include clickable links that themselves lead back to the website when possible.

Share button: Download a PDF, Email or SMS 

The share button  offers three options for sharing your selected item:

  1. Download/View as a PDF: this obviously offers a great deal of flexibility as to how you can share it.
  2. Email: This option presents you with a template to send a Link or a PDF to a Recipient Name, email and include a custom message (500 character limit).
  3. SMS: This option presents you with a template to send a Link or a PDF to a Recipient Name, Phone Number and include a short custom message (60 character limit). NOTE: This option should be used sparingly as there is a sites-wide limitation to the number of SMSs it can send out.

Link button: Paste link in Email/IM or Embed on another Website 

The Link button offers two more options for sharing your selected item:

  1. Paste link in Email/Instant Messenger: This gives you a direct link back to the website results page you have chosen. Just copy and paste it into anywhere else.
  2. Paste HTML into your Website: This gives you embed HTML code you can add to another website that simply creates a link back to the website results page.

If you have any questions about creating or sharing Favourites Lists, email or call 1300 762 515.