One of the ways My Community Directory is different to using a website Google is you they way you can overlay information in a visual way, to better understand our options in the community.

Access My Community overlays Directory data about community services, along with public facilities, and even transport directions, in one place over a map.

As a member this becomes a powerful tool for integrated service delivery, as you can refine your search for specific services around an address to help a client meet a range of needs.

Set a Location

By default when you open this page your browser will ask for permission to locate you1. If you approve this request it will continue to locate you upon each subsequent visit.

To set an address to use as your default, click on the Settings cog button at the top right. From there you will be able to:

  1. Use the geolocation service provided by your browser if available.
  2. Use the following address as the default for this computer.

You may wish to choose a location other than your own, for instance if you are planning travel or for a client you are working with. You can change the location on the map for your current session in a number of ways:

  • type in an address or region in the location field
  • click anywhere on the map and choose Set As My Location
  • click on a marker and then choose Set As My Location
  • click on the cross-hairs button at the top right to let the browser estimate your location and re-center the map there.
  • The default search radius is 1km but this can be manually adjusted between 1 and 20km distance from the location with the Within slider.

Overlay Services from My Community Directory

The Services panel allows you to select which services to display on the map. As you select Categories, the total number of services in that categories (within your search radius) will be displayed next to the Category name.

Markers are placed on the map in the form of icons that represent specific service types. If you click on a marker you can find out more information about the services provided at that location including:

  • Subcategory group
  • Service name – To view the directory listing for a service you can right-click on the name and open the listing in a new tab of your browser. To return to Access My Community just close that tab.
  • Address
  • Contact phone
  • Set as My Location – To set as your new location.
  • Driving, Public Transport, Walking and Bicycling directions.

The main categories include:

  • Client Services
  • Education & Employment
  • Sport, Recreation & Conservation
  • Information & Advice
  • Groups, Clubs & Churches

Overlay Points of Interest (POI)

The Points Of Interest panel shows you the collections of publicly available Open Data repositories we have sourced for you. These sets of data are provided by the regional bodies in order to give you an insight to the services provided to you by them.

The POIs sourced are updated as new information becomes and include the Name, Address, Phone, Hours and Directions for:

  • Toilets, Medicare & Centrelink offices, Senior & Carers discounts
  • Parks, Public Art, Playgrounds, Tennis Courts, Swimming, Ferry Terminals, Community Halls
  • WiFi Hotspots, Skateboard Parks, CityCycle Locations
  • Police Stations, Libraries

Get Directions

Directions are obtained by clicking on a Service or POI and selecting the method of travel. The directions will be displayed under Directions in the left column and can be printed by clicking on the Print button. The directions and the details of the selected location will then be printed out for you.

For Members Only

More specific Service selections

After selecting a main Category or Multiple Categories, you can narrow down to a more customised selection of services by clicking the Refine Services link that will appear below the categories.

Location Manager Contact Details

  • Name
  • Phone and/or Email
  • Download as a vCard.

From the listing's page you could further save a selection to a Favourites list to hand out by print, Email or SMS. See our other guide on How to Use Favourites.

  1. Consult your browser's documentation if you wish to change your mind and turn this feature off.