Once you have created a listing on My Community Directory, it is important that you add team members to each location to manage and maintain the information. 

To do so, log into the Members Centre Dashboard and select "Manage your team". 

Team members can be given different levels of access to the My Community Directory listing, based on their role. To view and manage the Organisation Roles before inviting new Team Members select "Manage Roles". 

By hovering over the Role Name, you can see the permissions granted to each role. 

You can also add a new role by selecting "Add New Role". 

Once you know the roles, you can add the team members by going back to the Team Members page and selecting "Invite New Members". Select the role and add the Email Addresses for the team and click "Send Invitations". 

You can see the current Team Members, Pending Requests (to join the team) and Pending Invitations when you "Expand All". You can also resend or remove the invitations. 

If you have any problems adding a new team member, or managing your team, call 1300 762 515 or email support@mycommunitydirectory.com.au.