From your members dashboard, on the left hand side, click Tools, and then Explore My Community.

You should be taken to the tool where you will be prompted to either input a location, or to use the browsers geolocation settings.

Once you have selected a region, in this case Brisbane, you are taken to the map where you can see along the top, a bar where you can change your location, and also a slider to indicate how far away from your location do you want the service to be.

Then there are five tabs alongside the map, the first being a link to the app store.

The services tab lets you select broad categories of services and mark them on the map, in this case education and employment are selected.

The point of interest tab enables the points of interest you select to be shown on the map, you can have as many points showing as you want.

In the directions tab you may select one of the services or points of interest and see how to get there from a set location.

The final tab is the helpĀ