To create a Volunteer Job Ad on My Community Directory you must have access to an approved listing.

Once you have an approved listing on My Community Directory you are able to create a Volunteer Job Ad in 3 ways. 

First option:

From your members dashboard click on Tools on the left hand side and click Volunteer jobs.

From the volunteer jobs page click Create New Volunteer Job.

Second option:

From your members dashboard, click on Volunteers. This should take you to the Volunteer Jobs tool.

Third option:

Click on Edit Organisation

Once you are in your organisation, click the location where you would like to host your volunteer job and click Expand All.

See the question Are you looking for volunteers? and click yes.

Now whichever method used to get to create a volunteer job you used will not matter. There should be a box looking like this:

Then fill out the four fields necessary to upload the Volunteer Job; Title, description, website link, and which listing it is connected to.

Once this is filled out, this screen will allow you to fill out the date range of when you want your volunteer job to run.

After entering in the dates, the job will be listed on your Volunteer Jobs page! Available to be seen by everyone visiting your listing.

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