Benefits for completing badges for Services Providers

Badges have been designed to encourage service providers to

  •  reflect on their practice
  • Acknowledge quality / commitment to service standards / by service providers

Highlight and encourage the public to find serves that meet their needs.

Where are badges displayed?

<insert example of a badge on a listing>

Where can members find a badge?

Members can find badges under the "Self Assessment" Tab and can apply for appropriate badges.

What does it cost?

It is free to list on the My Community Directory +Diary Platform.

If attendance at a training session or other requirements incur a cost it is the responsibility of the organisation to pay this fee

Benefit to Badge Sponsors

  • Promote equality and specialised program delivery
  • Knowledge the training or program that is funded or run by your organisation and the organisations that participate
  • Promote membership or philosophy of service

Badge Sponsors

If you are an organisation that would like to sponsor a badge or are running a training program that could benefit from please contact us