This policy outlines the use of mobile devices to access the My Community Platform. 

This Policy applies to any user of The Platform or by employees of The Platform Administrator, The Platform Provider or The Platform Partner. 

This policy does not apply to public use of the platform.

This platform applies when a user accesses the platform using a username and password to access restricted parts of the website. They must ensure that:

- Pin or Face recognition is enabled on the device

- Platform related passwords must not be saved onto a device unless a password manager is used

- The Platform Administrator encourages the use of Lastpass for login to all external systems used to support The Platform.

In most situations and where possible, The Administrator and Provider should use 2-factor authentication.  A single phone number should be used for all work-related 2-factor authentication.

Inspection: At any time, the employee may be asked to produce the mobile device for inspection. The purpose of these inspections is to ensure that the employee is following the Mobile Device Policy.

If the mobile device that has been used to access the system is lost or damaged, the employee must notify management immediately.

Upon resignation or termination of employment where users have logged into The Platform, the user must remove 2-factor validation.