SUBJECT: This relevant to the information contained in your posting.

NEWS: Make this clear.

ATTACHMENT: Give the attachment a name that is meaningful so that when you are searching for it in the future you can find it!

Things that you should know:

  1. News should be of interest to Community Organisations, Managers or staff or people who access services in the Region.
  2. News should help us better understand the service and community development in the Region.

  3. You are adding News wich has your Name and Organisation linked to it.

  4. By adding News, you are responsibility for it accuracy and its content.
  5. Prior to being sent, News can be modified, updated or changed. After it has been sent it can not be changed.

DO NOT ADD EVENTS TO NEWSWIRE: Events appear on the bottom - Add them as an Event

DO NOT ADD NEW SERVICES TO NEWSWIRE: Add them to you listing - you will save time and they will appear automatically in Newswire.