Effective from 1 February 2018. For more details, visit the Help Centre or contact us by phone on 1300 762 515 or email support@mycommunitydirectory.com.au

Your information is important to us and to the community and as custodians of this information, the Platform Administrators and Platform Providers take data management seriously. The Platform collects limited private information and limits its data collection to routine work personal information which does not require us to comply with the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme under Part IIIC of the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act).

We understand the importance of transparent data management and have developed strategies to protect the information we hold and ways to reduce the risk of harm if the Platform is accessed by unauthorised users.

Protecting Your Information

The Platform software:

1. Uses industry-standard security measures in data inscription to reduce the risk of a data breach

2. Uses password protection to restrict access to data when it is removed from the website.

3. Encourages the use of role-based access permissions and has created flexible options for Members to create and manage access permissions of staff

4. Restricts access to information based on the type of organisation, geography, class of service and your relationship with them. 

The Platform environment:

1. Uses Microsoft Azure, secure and reliable hosting

2. Is based in Australia

Data Breach Plan 

If we become aware of a data breach by us or our members we are committed to: 

1. Assessing the breach focusing on understanding how, when and why it happened. 

2. Reacting to the breach by focusing on limiting its impact and reducing the risk and ongoing impact to our members 

3. Notifying of the breach if required and providing as much details as possible to members to assist them to respond. 

4. Reviewing our response to the breach by focusing on how we assessed, reacted and notified of the breach and how we can strengthen our systems and processes to reduce the chance that we will have a data breach in the future.