This membership type has been designed to provide access to the platform and assist councils and Councillors to comply with the requirements of:

  • Local Government Act (2009) 170 (1) and (2), 170A (1) and (2)
  • Information Privacy Act  (2009) QLD 
  • Code of Conduct for Councillors in Queensland (Principle 3)
  • Privacy Act (1988) (Cth)
  • Spam Act 2003  (Cth) Part 2, Schedule 1, Section 3 and Schedule 2)

While the council can provide access to information from the Platform as part of council membership, the Elected Representative Membership makes complying with the relevant legislation and  Membership Terms and Conditions easy for both the Council Administration and the Councillor

While there are some exemptions under the Spam Act 2003, using the Email platform manages the unsubscribe process as required by the Act.

Elected Representative Membership provides tools that are bound to the Division or Ward.

Benefits of Elected Representative Membership

  • Membership allows access to features based on the Electorate.
  • Elected Members can directly access the platform from their office and community without the assistance of council staff
  • SPAM, and subscription management are built into the members making it easy to use and assists in reducing extra work in complying with the Platform Terms and Conditions and Legislation.
  • Elected Representative Membership to Tools and resources to keep you connected and informed about your community interests and needs and support them when they need help.  
  • The Platform takes the work challenges out of maintaining data and it's quality across other systems.