The Bulk Maintenance feature allows you to update all of your Organisation's listings at once through an Excel spreadsheet.

While logged into My Community Directory click here to access the Bulk Maintenance feature.

Alternatively you can access the Bulk Maintenance feature by logging in to and clicking on the Edit Listing button

From here you can click on the More drop down and select Bulk Maintenance

Once you have accessed the Bulk Maintenance screen you will be prompted to download your data by entering your My Community Directory account password.

The downloaded Excel spreadsheet will also require you to enter your My Community Directory account password.

The Excel spreadsheet contains all the information for your Organisation on My Community Directory. You can make any changes you would like to your listings by editing the information in this spreadsheet. If you would like to delete a listing all together just remove the row from the spreadsheet.

For additional information on our bulk upload spreadsheet you can click on the View Help Guide button on the Bulk Maintenance screen or alternatively click here.

If you need assistance with Microsoft Excel you can find their help page here.

Once you have made any changes to your listings on the Excel spreadsheet you will need to upload the spreadsheet back into My Community Directory.

On the Bulk Maintenance screen click the Browse button and select your final spreadsheet.

You will notice 2 checkbox options on the Upload section:

  • Override changes made online since export - this option will use the spreadsheet as a source of truth. (For example, if someone else in your organisation made a change after you downloaded the spreadsheet - the information on the spreadsheet will overwrite the change made by that person).
  • This is a complete list of our Locations and Services - this option will delete any listings from your Organisation that do not appear on the spreadsheet.

You will also be required to enter the password for the document (this should be your My Community Directory password if you have not manually changed the password of the document).

Clicking on the Validate button will take you to the Validation screen where you will see a summary of changes (if there any errors you will see those too)

Clicking the Submit button will finish the bulk maintenance process and update your Organisation's listings.


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