To add Services to Access My Healthcare, you need to first login to My Community Directory.

You can use this login link then follow these step to create 'events' i.e. visiting services for your location: 

1. Log in to the Members Dashboard and select Your Events on the left hand side:

2. Select your location from the drop down box above the calendar and select the Add New Event button:

3. On the event creation screen, press the Expand All button:

4. Fill out all the required and relevant fields with the details of your Visiting Service:

 5. In Event Type, select the 'Outreach Service' option.

This will then allow to you select whether an appointment is required and whether or not appointments are available, as well as if a referral is required. 

6. The Description box is for adding more information about the service.


Cardiology: “SWHHS provides cardiology services for people who require specialist support with diseases and       abnormalities of the heart. Cardiologist consultations are typically recommended by a patient's primary care physician inresponse to either heightened risk factors for cardiovascular disease or symptoms that indicate it may already be present.”

Dietetics: “SWHHS provides clinical dietetic services for people who require assistance with diet and nutrition.”

ENT: “SWHHS provides appointments with Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist (ENT) specialists for people who have conditions of the ear, nose, throat or conditions of the head and neck.”

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7. The Additional Info box is about the criteria for accessing the service.

Example - "Please note your referral will be categorised under clinical review and you will be booked to be seen according to clinical review". 

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8. The Notes box is where we will add the contact information.

Example: Please contact (07) 4624 2658 for more information about this clinic.

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Description automatically generated

9. Should you have a regular event that needs regular approval by Service Director or Director of Nursing you can try the following:

Create a reoccurring event that has an end date which represents the furthest approved appointment. As later events are approved the end date can be updated to reflect this.

10. In the 'Viewable by' drop down box, select 'My Organisation'. This means that the event is only viewable by people within your organisation until it has been approved. 

11. When you've finished, ensure you press the green Save button at the top of the page. Once your Visiting Service has been approved, it will automatically be uploaded to both Access My Healthcare and My Community Diary within a few minutes.


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