PDF Directories are generated automatically from a Word Template using Field Codes.

This means the easiest way to design the directory is to do so in Microsoft Word. This will allow headings, headers, font etc to be consistent throughout information supplied by the Member (Cover page, information about the region, key contacts, message from the mayor etc) and information supplied by My Community Directory (the listings in the directory).

Alternatively it is possible to design the cover page etc in a design program of choice however it will need to be designed in a format that Microsoft Word can take an image in (PNG, JPEG, etc). If this method is chosen the heading and font used in the data section of the directory will need to be updated for consistency.

The field codes used for the data section are as follows:







E    «OutletEmail»«NL» 

W    «Website»«NL»

P    «ServicePhone»«NL»



This section has been set up in such a way that the data will not be split over lines (eg a description will not be split by a page break) so it is important to remember to not change any of the settings related to 'Keep lines with next'. Font and other spacing settings will not affect this and can be changed to personal preference.

A similar set of field codes can be found in the Table of Contents.