It's important to select the correct category for the service you provide in order for users to find your listing easier and more often.

The Primary category should be selected based on the main service or focus of the listing. By default this will be the first category you choose when creating a listing.

Once you have created your listing you will be able to add Secondary categories which are chosen to enhance the scope of your listing, and allows you to appear within more than one category.

  • For example, a listing for a soccer team with the Primary category of Sports Club may choose Secondary categories of Outdoor Sports and Field Team Sports.

While editing your listing the Primary category can be chosen by clicking on the list of categories selected for your listing, highlighting it green.

If your listing falls into a large number of categories it may be worth creating a new Service to better split up your categories to make it easier for the user to find the specific service they might be interested in.

  • For example, a listing for a Medical Centre may create multiple Services for each of their departments; dental health, hearing services, mental health etc.

This makes it easier for the user to find the specific part of your service they are interested in as they will not be cluttered with less relevant information for them.

It's important to choose the correct category so you only appear in relevant searches.