Organisational Roles can be used to allow members of your listing to have different permissions.

By default there are 4 System Roles which can not be changed. These roles are: Admin, Manager, Staff and Volunteer.

Role NameCan Edit Own LocationCan Edit OrganisationCan Edit Other LocationsCan Edit Profiles
Can Download Data
Can Communicate
Can Edit Favourites



Can Edit Own Location: Allows the user to edit the Location they have been added to

Can Edit Organisation: Allows changes to be made at the Organisation level.

Can Edit Other Locations: Allows the user to change Location information for other Locations in the Organisation.

Can Edit Profiles: Allows the user to edit the profile of other team members (this allows changing of this person's role).

Can Download Data: Allows the user to download listing information for their region (if your membership level permits)

Can Communicate: Allows the user to send SMS and Emails to members of the public (if your membership level permits)

Can Edit Favourites: Can Create and Edit Favourites Lists which are able to be shared with members of the public.