Organisational Roles can be used to allow members of your listing to have different permissions.

By default there are 4 System Roles which can not be changed. These roles are: Admin, Manager, Staff and Volunteer.

Role NameCan Edit Own LocationCan Edit OrganisationCan Edit Other LocationsCan Edit Profiles
Can Download Data
Can Communicate
Can Edit Favourites



Can Edit Own Location: Allows the user to edit the Location they have been added to (see WHY It Is Important to Invite Team Members to the Correct Location (Link to article when written).

Can Edit Organisation: Allows changes to be made at the Organisation level.

Can Edit Other Locations: Allows the user to change Location information for other Locations in the Organisation.

Can Edit Profiles: Allows the user to edit the profile of other team members (this allows changing of this person's role).

Can Download Data: Allows the user to download listing information for their region.

Can Communicate: Allows the user to send SMS and Emails to members of the public.

Can Edit Favourites: Can Create and Edit Favourites Lists which are able to be shared with members of the public.