The following step-by-step guide demonstrates how to create and view Network News.

  1. Once logged into your dashboard, select Your Networks

  2. Select the News button beside the network you wish to create news for

  3. Select the Create button at the top-right of the screen

  4. Enter a subject for your news in the Subject textbox, enter the news itself in the Body box, add an attachment if needed, and select the Save button to create your communication

  5. You will be redirected to the Network News screen from where you can select View to see your news

  6. On the news view page you will be able to print the communication, open any attachments, follow any links, and also click through the news articles with the left and right arrows at the top right of the screen
  7. Head back to Your Networks and select View to see your network page
  8. From here you can also access your Network news by selecting the Network News link

It is important to note that network news is also emailed out to all the members of your network weekly. You will be able to see an overview of the news in the email, however to see the full communication you will need to follow the link in the email to the Network News page on your My Community Directory account.


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