This step-by-step guide will guide you through setting up your listing and account on My Community Directory.

  1. Press List for Free on the My Community Directory homepage.

  2. This will take you to the Register Your Organisation page. please take a moment to read the Listing Criteria before filling out your details. In step one of registration, you will be asked for your name, and your organisation's email. These two fields are required to create the listing. Your organisation email will be your personal organisation email, unless you are making the listing with an info@ or admin@ address.

  3. In step two, you will be asked for your ABN. If your organisation has an ABN, entering it is a good way to keep your listing up-to-date. And Upon entering of your ABN, your organisation name will fill automatically with the organisation name associated with your ABN. You can also switch the ABN status to off if your organisation does not have one. You are then required to enter a street address, however if this is sensitive information, you are able to just enter a town/city/suburb, state, and postcode. You will then need to enter your organisation's main phone number, and the general organisation email if it differs to your personal email or the email address you entered in the last step. You can also put your organisation's website URL in the Website box. Once you've filled everything out, click Next to move to the next section.

  4. In this third section, you will need to choose the category and sub-category your service falls into and write a brief description about it. The brief description has a character limit of 400. Again, press the Next button once you have finished.

  5. In this last section you will need to fill out information about your organisation's key contact. If this is you, you can switch the button to Yes and select all of the positions you hold within the organisation. If you are not the key contact you can switch the button to No and fill out the details of your key contact. Once you have done this press the Submit button and will be forwarded to your listing.

  6. This next screen you have been forwarded to is the Edit Organisation screen. The first thing you will notice is the green notification letting you know you must verify your account to complete the publishing process.

  7. To do this, head to your emails, and open the email [My Community Directory] Verify Your Email Address. Click on the Verify Email button.

  8. You will be redirected to a screen where you will be asked to enter and then confirm your password. Once you've made a password, press the Set Password button to set your password and verify your email address.

  9. You will be redirected to another screen that lets you know this. Press the Continue button to be taken back to your Edit Organisation screen.

  10. Here you will need to fill out any extra information about your organisation. If you need help with editing, please see our help desk article on How to Edit Your Listing. Once you are happy with your listing and have saved all three pages, you will need to press the Publish button.

  11. Once you have pressed the Publish button you will get a new notification letting you know that your listing has been submitted for review. One of our data quality officers will look over your listing, and will either approve or disapprove it based on whether or not it meets our Listing Criteria.

  12. If your listing does meet our criteria and is approved you will receive an email notifying you of this.

  13. You will then be able to log back into your listing with your email and password where you will then be able to see the Member's Dashboard.