This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to use the bulk upload feature for events if you are a member.

  1. Log into your My Community Directory dashboard

  2. Press the Your Events button on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the event calendar. Once here, choose your location from the drop-down list, and then select Upload Events from the right-hand side of the page.

  3. This will take you to the upload events page. Here you will need to select Download Template, to download our spreadsheet template that you will be able to add your events into.

  4. When you have downloaded the spreadsheet, open it and start inputting the information for your event. Each row is one event, and if you hover your mouse over the column headings, it will tell you what they entail. You can also click on the Help tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet for a more in depth explanation of each heading. Please note that for the Phone column, phone numbers must be formatted as (07) 1234 1234 or 1300 123 123. Also if you want your event to have an image, ensure that the full file name of that image is specified in Image_Name (Column Y). This image must then be put into a ZIP folder which you will have the chance to upload in Step 6 of this guide.

  5. Once you've added all your events to your spreadsheet, return to the screen where you downloaded the template, and upload it under Step 2. Once you've uploaded your spreadsheet, press the Validate button to begin the validation process.

  6. Your events will then be validated, which may take a while if you have many events. Once the validation finished and is passed, you will be redirected to the following screen where you can add the ZIP folder where your event images are. Upload that if you have it and press Finish Import.

  7. This will take you to the Job Monitor page where you can see the job as it runs. When it says Completed Job and has the blue Successful tick at the top of the page, you will know your events have been uploaded. You can then press the Return button to be taken back to the Event Calendar screen.

  8. You can now go to My Community Diary and search for your events on the diary.