Information tiles allow organisations to create their own content for the Access My Community mobile app. The user can be sent a link which they tap on their device and a tile will then be added to their main page in the app. Behind that tile can be content that is created on the website.

From the members centre, select Tools and then Information Tiles.

Select Create Information Tile and then enter a name for the Tile. Your Tile will appear in the list, select Edit to start creating the data. The following page will appear when you select to edit your new tile.

You need a group before you can start creating your pages. Groups are headings which contain the relevant pages. For example you might have a group called Information, which then contains two pages with related data. Select Add to create your first group, enter a title and select an icon.

Click Save and then under the Pages heading select Add to create a page. This is a page of content which will be shown to the user in the mobile app.

You can add a title, select which group this page belongs to, choose an icon and of course enter the page content. This content can contain pictures, headings, and formatted text. You can also select actions which the user can select. There are five actions available:

  1. Web page - enter a web address and the user will be shown the website  (Please note the website must be secured with SSL and start with https)
  2. Search Directory - enter a directory search term and the user will be shown the search results
  3. Search Diary - enter a diary search term and the user will be shown the search results
  4. Go to another Page - jump to another previously created page
  5. Show map of Open Data - show a map view of the selected Open Data

Save the page, you can create as many groups and pages as you like. Once done return to the list of tiles where you can Send your tile to a mobile phone number as an SMS.

Select Send.

The user will receive an SMS. When they click the link a tile will be added to the main page of the mobile app and the content will be visible to them.