This short guide will demonstrate how to download data if you are a member and have access to the feature.

  1. From the Member’s Dashboard, select Tools, then Download.

  2. Choose whose information you would like to download. In this example, it has been done By Category Group, for Sports, and Recreation & Leisure data. Press the Next button to continue.

  3. Select what kind of data you would like to download. In this example, All Contacts, have been chosen. Press the Next button again.

  4. Select the area type you would like to download the information for. This example shows information being downloaded with Local Government Areas – Councils area type, for Horsham Rural City Council, and only Services Located Inside the Region. Press the Next button.

  5. Select your preferred file type and how you would like to receive the data. Press Next.

  6. Enter your password and press the Submit button.