This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to edit your listing on My Community Directory.

  1. Log in to the Member’s Dashboard and select Edit your location in the centre of the screen.

  2. This will take you to the Location editing tab. This is denoted by the second circle at the top of the screen. To edit your location, you can either press Expand All to see all the editable fields, or you can expand each section individually by clicking their corresponding Expand buttons. Please remember to press the green Save button at the top of the screen to save any changes you make.

    1. The first section is Location Details. Here you can edit the name of your specific location, it’s address and postal address, phone and fax, and location email details.

    2. The second section is Branding and Social Media. This is where you will add links to your website, Facebook, and Twitter, and also upload your logo. Please note that when linking your Twitter or Facebook pages, you need to link the portion of the address after the forward slash.

    3. The third section of the Location tab is Facility Details. This is where you can add any relevant facility notes, information about whether your location has disabled facilities or access, and any transport or parking notes.

    4. The fourth section is Location Contacts. Here you can enter the details of the location manager and/or emergency contact. This information is not visible to the public and is only for internal use.

    5. The fifth section is Networks and Recognitions. This section will display any networks you are part of and any specific badges you have such as the registered charity badge.

    6. The final section of the Location tab is Holiday Notices. Here you can enter holiday notices that will display when the public view your listing notifying them of whether or not you are closed for certain periods over the holidays. Remember to scroll up and press the green Save button at the top of the screen once you have finished editing all the sections of the Location tab.

  3. The next tab to edit is the organisation tab. Press on the first circle at the top of the screen to be taken to your location edit tab. There are only three sections to edit here, and these are Operational Details, Branding and Social Media, and Key Office Holders. Once again, you may press the Expand All button or expand each of these sections individually, and remember to press the Save button once you have made changes.

    1. In the Operational Details section, you will be able to edit ABN, AGM, email domain, and other details. It is important to note here that the Trading Name field is automatically taken from the values of your ABN. If your organisation has more than one trading name attached to its ABN, you can choose the most relevant one from the drop-down box. If your organisation does not have an ABN, you will not be able to edit those ABN details.

    2. The Branding and Social Media section here differs from the one in the Location tab. You may enter the same details if they are relevant, but if the organisation website, facebook, twitter, or logo, differ from the Location’s, please enter those different details here.

    3. The final section is for Key Office Holders. Here you can enter the contact details of any of your key office holders. Much like the Location Contacts section in the Location tab, this information is not public-facing. Again, remember to save your changes by pressing the Save button.

  4. The final tab you will need to edit is the Service tab, shown as the third circle at the top of the page. Your location may have multiple services, and they will all be listed when you click here. Press on the one you would like to edit to edit that one. Here there are seven sections you are able to edit. See them all by pressing the Expand All button.

    1. The first section is Service Details. Here you can choose your category of service, add tags to your listing (or suggest custom tags if you would like a tag that does not appear), and write a brief and detailed description among other things.

    2. The second section is Eligibility and Referral, where you can enter information about who can use the service, and what requirements they must meet to do so. There is also Protected Referral Information which is only made available to referral agencies. This is information such as wait-list period, referral agency information, and reduced charges for health care card holders, minors, or pensioners.

    3. The third section is where you can enter your Opening Hours and Public Meetings. Depending on what these are, there are a range of options such as 24/7, day to day variation (with manual time entering), and you can also select an option for if your service takes a break during the day. Please also ensure to check the boxes of the days you are open to be able to enter opening hours.

    4. The next section is Service Delivery. Here you can add your information about how and where people access the service.

    5. There is another Branding and Social Media section, for if your service has a different web, Facebook, or Twitter address.

    6. The sixth section is for if you have any files or videos relating to your service. Here you might like to add a link to a video if you have one, or upload a flyer that people can view.

    7. The final section in the Service tab is where you can enter Service Contact information. This contact information is also not viewable to the public. Once you’ve finished editing your service information, please remember to press the Save button again.