Networks can help you stay up to date with:

  • Network Member Information
  • Network Member Events
  • Network Public Snapshot

Other features of Networks include:

  • Nightly updates of Network activity via email
  • Public network badges
  • Help Desk support 8AM – 7PM Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

Networks are ideal for a group of organisations that need to communicate regularly and share information and services throughout an area or sector. They are a great tool for councils or peak bodies to support inter-agencies to save time and energy in understanding what is available in their local community and the activities and services they provide.

Helpful articles:

How to create a Network

How to join a Network

How to invite Organisations to a Network

How to add Admins to your Network

How to create Network News

It is important to note that:

  • Networks are a paid membership feature
  • An administrator must be appointed for the Network (by default this will be the person who created the Network)

  • Unlimited members may join a Network

  • Organisations must be listed on My Community Directory to be invited to join a Network


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