Networks are ideal for a group of organisations that regularly need to communicate and share information and services throughout an area or sector. They are an ideal tool for councils, or peak bodies to support inter-agencies to save time and energy in understanding what is available in their local community, and the activities and services they provide.

Networks can help you stay up to date with:

  • Network Member Events
  • Network Member News (late 2018)
  • Network Public Snapshot
  • Member Service Snapshots

Other features of Networks include:

  • Interactive service mapping of the region
  • Public network badges
  • Assistance with password reset or listing on My Community Directory and Diary
  • Help Desk support 8AM – 7PM Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)

It is important to note that:

  • Premium Council Membership comes with five free networks
  • Networks can also be purchased individually

  • Unlimited members may join a network

  • Organisations must be listed on My Community Directory to be invited to join the Network

  • The ability for network members to edit the listings of other members is so if there are network meetings, one person can be the designated 'scribe' and update any listings on the go

  • You are always notified if someone edits your listing and will always know of any changes that occur to your listing