Adding a custom tag to a listing

(please also see attachment for screen shots of actions)

1. In the PDF Directory, click on the listing name you wish to remove from the PDF.

2. Note: If the program you are using to view the PDF does not support hyperlinks, copy and paste the listing name in the search bar on My Community Directory and locate the listing in the results.

3. On the listing page, scroll down and find the Custom Tags section on the right-hand side. Click on the icon to add a custom tag.

4. Note: If you are unable to see the Custom Tags section, make sure you are logged in on My Community Directory.

5. When the pop-up appears, click the Do Not Print option then click save.

6. After clicking save, the Custom Tag should now be displayed in the Custom Tags section.

7. Note: If you are unable to add a Custom Tag to a listing for any reason, contact us on 1300 762 515 or and we may be able to add the tag for you.