This article explains where to place your logos appropriately.

Where can you put your organisation logo, your location logo and your service logo?

You can add your logo to an organisation, location and service level.

(Your organisation may have a different logo to your office).

Below are images to show the placement of organisation logo, location logo and service logo.

Organisation and Location logo

Organisation and Service logo

Firstly you will need to go to and click "Login" at the top right side of the page.

Please fill in your Username and Password, then press "LOGIN." If you have forgotten your log in details, please click "Forgot your log in details?" or if you don't have a login, please click "Register now" and add your organisation details.

After you login, it will redirect you to the Members centre. This page shows you an overview of your organisation. To update your organisation's logo please click "Edit organisation."

This is where you can update and add all of your organisation's details, but to add your organisation's logo please press "Expand" in the same box as Brading and Social Media.

Here is where you can add your organisation's Logo. If you press in the box which says "Drop files here or click to select" you can then select your image.

Once you have selected your logo, it will appear with a delete button next to it. You can remove the logo by pressing the red button which says "Delete logo."

To keep any changes you have made, press "Save."

Once you have saved, press 2 to add your location's logo. Then follow the same steps as adding the organisation's logo.

After you have added your location's logo, it is the same process to add the service's logo. You will need to press 3 to edit the service details.

Please remember to always save any changes you make.