Advanced Search Feature for Paid Members

We've just rolled out a brand new design for My community Directory and enhanced many of the features of our site. One of the most exciting updates is the "Advanced Search" member's feature.

This is the first time ever on My Community Directory that you are able to refine your searches to service options, location options or organisation options of the outlet you're looking for. 

To access this feature:

1. Perform a normal search

2. Press the blue button under the search bar that says "Advanced Search"

3. A drop down panel will appear from the search bar which will allow you to go through the Advanced Search options.

NOTE: You must be a paid member to access this feature

The Advanced search has three different sections:

1. Organisation options

Deductible Gift Recipient: This option allows you to search an outlets Deductible Gift Recipient status

Status: It also allows you to identify which entity type you are looking for, such as Australian Private Company, Fixed trust, etc.

2. Location Options

Phone: This allows you to search by an outlets phone number. Do you ever remember writing down a phone number and not remembering which organisation it came from? This option can help you.

Email: It also allows you to search by an outlets email. Ever received an email from someone and don't know their organisation or only partially know an email (e.g.

 Our Advanced search can now help you find the organisation you are looking for just from a partial email.

3. Services Options

Wheelchair Access: This allows you to search for organisations that have/don't have wheelchair access

Referral Requirement: It also allows you to search whether you need a referral service or not. 

Access Fee: Lastly, it allows you to identify whether there is a fee to access the service or not.

Advanced Search can really help you refine your searches especially when you only know the type of service you are looking for. Before now it could have taken hours to go through each listing to identify whether or not an organisation was right for you. Now with Advanced Search it has become easier than ever. 


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