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Re. Joining Men's Club : Joining The Men's Club appears to be restrictive. Given the plethora of equipment, I was shocked to see only one or 2 participants on a Tuesday morning  on two occasions, however I have been told that there are already 20 members and that is the limited membership. It seems extremely unfair that the Government supports an organization by providing expensive real estate  ie working areas. and other facilities perhaps grants for equipment usage to so few elderly retired people in need of this facility . On the second morning which is on Thursdays there are more people but the attendees were not approaching 20. On Tuesday one member who has stated that he is not clearly on a pension and appears to be running a model making business made a strong effort to discourage me and clarify that there was no option to join. Is the Government aware that it is supporting so called charities of this nature. Please register my comment and I will call to ask more questions. 

Kind Regards,

Barry Ellery 

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