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Donation of Shelps For Moorooka Homeless Link (Community Food Bank)

Who We Are

We are a not for profit organization operated by volunteers.

Mooooka Homeless Link, comprise volunteers some of whom have been associated with the Brisbane homeless partners for three years.

People from all walks of life, cultures, and careers come to serve the marginalized and homeless people of the Brisbane area by giving of their time, resources, and commitment as a volunteer with the Mooooka Homeless Link.

Those people who serve continuously over a period of twelve months may apply to full membership of the Mooooka Homeless Link with rights to vote at general meetings. These members vote annually to elect an Executive Committee which oversees the management of the corporate vision and implements the Brisbane, Mooooka Homeless Link mission on behalf of the members. The executive committee appoints the Winsome Centre Manager and the management team.

Our Vision

·         To have a facility in the community that provides ongoing care for the community by unrestricted.

·         To move people from disadvantage of different situations to something better that is sustainable and constant.

Our Mission

To provide prepared meals daily including breakfasts and lunches. Other items when available such as takeaway meals, donated fruit and bread are made available to people who for various reasons are struggling to cope financially.

·         To help refer people with various physical (food and accommodation) and social (medical, counseling and welfare) needs to other organizations who are more suited to help in these situations.

·         To provide a place where people who have problems interacting socially may come and find opportunity for friendship and social interaction.

·        To provide male and female referral for a medium-term accommodation at our partners support for marginalised men and women at the Moorooka.

·        To help refer people with various physical, food and accommodation and social (medical, counselling and welfare) needs to other organisations who are more suited to help in these situations.


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