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Why you should add tags to your listing

Tag, you're it


Chances are you've heard of tags, even if you've never used them. In an age where the amount of information available is growing at a mind-blowingly rapid pace, it is more important than ever to look at strategic ways to be found more often. That is where tags come in. 


What are tags? 


In essence, tags are keywords that are used to classify content. Think of them like creating folders to categorise your work, without having to make duplicate copies. 


Why do tags matter? 


Tags allow for more freedom when classifying content. In the past, information would be organised in a specific location based on what it contained. However, without replication, information could only be stored in one location. This limits the number of classifications items can have. As there is no limit to the number of tags that can be added for any given item, there is no need to ensure that how information is classified fits within a set structure. 


Tags also allow people to quickly search for related information without having to know how the information is classified through keyword searches. This makes it far simpler and efficient to find information that may be of interest. Adding tags to your listings is also a fantastic way to be found more often through search engines. As many search engines prioritise tags, a well-tagged listing in more likely to have a higher ranking in the search results. 


For example, if you create a listing, that information will be shown in the related region, category, and organisation search results. By adding tags to that listing, however, the listing will also be found on the search result page for any of those tags. Say you provide an exercise class for the elderly. You could add the tags "fitness" + "elderly" + "aged care" to help the listing be found on more searches and ranked higher in search results. 


Too much of a good thing


Whilst adding tags to your listings is a fantastic way to come up in searches more often, like anything, practice moderation when using tags. Like a lot of things in life, when it comes to tags, there is definitely too much of a good thing. So before you start adding dozens of tags to each listing in the hopes of being found more often, consider this. At My Community Directory, we are constantly working to ensure that we are providing the most relevant information to the community. As such, we manually monitor the quality and integrity of the data and have systems in place to ensure that quality is reflected in the search results. To get the most out of using tags, we suggest only adding about 5 well thought out, relevant tags to any listing. 

How to add tags


If you want to use tags to be found more often,  login to the Members Centre to edit your listing. From there you can add TAGs under the TAG heading. 

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